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Oct 1, 2012 10:00pm EDT
seem to be praising each other lowering debate expectations. we're hearing mitt romney has been rehearsing zingers. the president has been rehearsing delivering shorter answers in this debate. what does each man need to do to convince the american public he's the right man for the job. let's start with president obama. >> president obama needs to just look presidential, not look flustered, not give any lines like hillary, you're likeable enough which seemed to demonstrate a certain arrogance or smugness or putting down anybody else. mitt romney has to be aggressive and has to make points and has to come off as knowledgeable, supposedly in 1994 he doesn't do well with followup questions because he feels he's already given an answer. that was when he was debating ted kennedy. it's everything for romney to gain by doing well and obama just needs to be steady and look, as i said, presidential and not make any mistakes and not have romney get under his skin and say something which demonstrates that obama is flustered in any way. >> it's been a while since the president has had a deba
Oct 3, 2012 10:30pm EDT
. mark, we heard from the regular folk, now it's time to get to you. right off the bat, who do you think won the debate tonight? >> if winning the debate is doing a good job in terms -- because these are performances. it was mitt romney. he was prepared. he was aggressive. he was straightforward. he looked at president obama and standing on the same stage and holding his own. this is the president of the united states in itself is a victory. president obama had a debate with romney and romney seemed very, as i said, prepared and aggressive to the point of not being offensive. >> let me ask you, as i watch tonight and also sort of watched twitter and other things, we heard one of the feedback that someone says. they thought it seemed like romney pivoted hard on taxes, wall street. do you think that may have unsettled president obama, throwing him off his game tonight? >> i don't think the president who has a reputation may be having a thin skin, that did not succeed. the president was composed. he was his natural, cool, disposition. he smiled. he didn't sigh. he didn't look at his w
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2